Gall bladder Stone Or Cholelithiasis Or Gallstones

Gall bladder Stone Or Cholelithiasis Or Gallstones

Hello friends today I am discuss about gall bladder stone or cholelithiasis You have to fulfill this topic, my guarantee is that you will find the answers to all your questions

gall bladder stone
gall bladder stone

What is gall bladder stone?


What is cholelithiasis?

  • Gall bladder presnt in back side of liver
  • Liver secret bile and store in gall bladder.
  • Bile’s work is breakdown of fatty food digestion .

When fatty food in small intestin. The gall bladder contract and flush the bile in intestin .bile mixed in food and breakdown of food

Due to cause factor stone prgence in gall bladder the stenosis or block  of gall bladder duct or its pathway. Its called as cholelithiasis.

The stone are found in 45% of the people.

  • This is due to changes in food 80 percent gallstones are made by cholesterol. And other 20 percent gallstones are made by calcium salts and bilirubin. Causes Exejct cause of gall bladder stone is unknown.


of gall bladder stone due to stones in the gallbladder
No reason has yet been proved for gallstones and it can occur at any age.

There are certain factors that can increase the likelihood of gallstones such as –

  • Diabetes or Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • After obesity surgery (post bariatric surgery)
  • Some medicines consumed
  • After some long-term diseases

“The possibility of galestones increases with obesity and diabetes

“Stone stones are found in most pitta bags”

“The reason for this is not yet proven scientifically.”

How to make bilestone

The most important problem associated with gallstones is the important organ that protects the enzymes needed for digestion, that there is a high probability of becoming a stone, called Gaulstone. In fact, when the quantity of fluid in the globbler starts drying up, the existing sugar-salt and other micronutrient elements are stored together and form a small stone-like form, which is called the Galstones.


Occasionally the cholesterol, bilirubin and bile salts are formed in the gallbladder. Eighty percent of stones are made of cholesterol. Gradually they become stiff and take the form of stone inside the gall bladder. Cholesterol stones are yellow-green.

Symptoms of gallstones


Galston’s symptoms do not appear in the early stages.

When the problem increases, then the globular inflammation, infections or obstruction of the bile starts obstructing. In such a situation,

people get symptoms like pain on the right side of the upper part of the stomach, excessive amount of gas, heavyness in the stomach, bleeding and sweating.


  • USG
  • X-RAY


Those suffering from gallstones should avoid foods like high cholesterol foods like fried food, fried chips,

high fat meat such as beef and pork, dairy products such as creams, ice cream, cheese, full-cream milk. Apart from this, coconut oil like chocolate, oil should be avoided.

Things like spicy food, cabbage, flower balls, turnips, soda and alcohol are threatened by acidity and gas, so do not eat these things too.

medical management

If symptoms are identified in the early stages, then this problem can only be controlled with medicines.

In severe condition, surgery is required. In the olden times, it had open surgery,

whose procedure was more troublesome,

but nowadays, liprocosm is the only way the globbler is removed from the body and the patient gets healthier soon.