Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)


Blood pressure is the force, which is every heart beat
With blood vessels falls on the walls.
Your every bit With Blood Pressure
Ray to send blood to the body
Help is available.

Measuring your blood pressure

Hypertension bp
Hypertension bp

Blood pressure testing is often done on your upper arm
Placing a wadding band around the part
Which is called a cuff. Air cuffs
Is inserted.
Blood pressure is the number one number above the number
is. You told your doctor 110/72

  • upper number is higher and it is systolic
    Reading is called. Pumped by the heart
    There is pressure in blood vessels on life.
  • lower number is lower and it is
    Diastolic readings are called. this
    Between the beats to relax the heart
    Time is pressure in blood vessels.

Normal blood pressure

Normal blood pressure is an upper number, which is
Less than 120 (systolic) and one below
The number is less than 80 (diastolic).
Blood pressure per person per hour and
Keeps changing every day.

high blood pressure

High blood pressure extra pressure (hypertension)
Also called. High blood pressure 130 or more
Over 80 or more. High blood pressure
There are different stages, which are the numbers of your numbers
Is based on high
High blood pressure did not diagnose
As many times as your blood pressure goes
Do not be checked and do not stay high.
Your blood vessels for your blood
It will be as hard as flowing in, your
The higher the number of blood pressure, the higher the number of blood pressure.
Your heart is normal due to high blood pressure
Is working more than

symptoms of high blood pressure

Do you have hypertension – this thing
There is only one way to know that its
Be checked. In most people
The symptoms do not happen Some people have headache
Maybe vision or blurry.

Your care

  • Blood pressure control multi is very important.
    If you have high blood pressure, then you
    The following should be done:
  • Get your blood pressure checked frequently.
    If your blood pressure remains high, then Call your doctor. The instructions for your doctor’s instructions
    Abstract blood pressure Take medication.
  • Continued the use of medication even while You are healthy
    Are you doing Blood pressure is normal.
  •  If you have a high weight then Reduce.
  • Salt of your food and drinks Reduce quantity
    alcohol intake.
    Avoid smoke
    Avoid smoking or use tobaccoExercise every day.
    Reduce stress.
    Relaxing every day.

If you have the following
seft the patient in hospital immediately

  •  sharp headache
    glance changes
    Chest pain, pressure or stiffness
  • Trouble breathing or breathing
  •  Suddenly in the face, arm or leg Nappiness, or weakness
  •  sudden nervousness, difficulty understanding or
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Difficulty swallowing